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TERMS & CONDITIONS: Must be Fulfilled and Obeyed by the Authors
ISSN- 2348 5191 (Print version) & ISSN- 2348 8980 (Online)
The Journal

Ambient Science is a multidisciplinary journal mainly devoted to the field based studies. All the papers, solicited and unsolicited, will first undergo through an Editorial Reviewing process. Papers found unsuitable in terms of the overall requirements of the journal will be returned to the authors. Corresponding Author of the papers will be notified about the status, need for revision or rejection of the paper. It may be noted that papers once rejected cannot be resubmitted. Illustrations and other materials to be reproduced from other publications must be properly credited; it is the authors’ responsibility to obtain permission for reproduction of figures, tables, etc. from published sources (copies of letters of permission should be sent to the editor)..

Original and unpublished work

Submission of a manuscript to the "Ambient Science" will be taken to imply that all authors have seen and approved the final version of the manuscript and that the contributions of all people involved in the research have been properly acknowledged. The covering letter must be forwarded by the corresponding author, who has registered himself/herself for communicating the paper. Further, the Submission will be taken to imply that it is unpublished and is not being considered for publication elsewhere.

Declarations regarding ethical issues especially when research is based on human subjects

Manuscripts that deal with clinical findings or in any other sensitive issue related to the human beings should be enclosed with a statement on the informed consent of the patients under study. If humans and animals are the subjects of a clinical study, it is essential for the study to have been carried out in accordance with the ethical standards of the country/countries where the research described in the manuscript has been conducted. A declaration to that effect must accompany the manuscript.

Supplementary material

If any details and queries will be required regarding any additional/supplementary material by the Editorial desk/reviewer(s) that would be addressed only to the corresponding author of the paper. The published material cannot be reproduced without permission from the respective author.

Author conflict of interest statement

Authors must acknowledge the organisations that have provided financial support and/or other types of facilities (such as- laboratory, equipments, vehicle etc) for their work. Any other conflict of interest must be declared while submitting the manuscripts.

Proper Permission Records

The authors of the manuscript based on some survey work done in any National Park(s) / Sanctuary(s) / any restricted area(s) must have proper permission to do so and the same must be reflected in their acknowledgement portion. If the author(s) is/are using data of any other third person and acknowledging him/her in the article, they have to produce the written consent of the same whenever they will be asked to do so.

Reviewers Name

Authors have to forward at least two names of the proper researchers/academicians (along with their designation, affiliation and email address) from their own field and country, who could be able to review their paper potentially. However, the editorial board keeps the full rights about the selection of the reviewer’s names. Apart from the suggested reviewers’ name the paper could be communicated to some other reviewers also.

Paper processing and handling charges

Authors reside other than India will be charged Paper processing & handling charges after clearing the preliminary Editorial Review cum Acceptance Letter (Conditional*). (*Even after paying the processing and handling charges the authors will have to satisfy the remarks/instructions of the Reviewers for the betterment of their manuscripts). The authors will be requested to pay online/by Paypal the Paper processing and handling charges along with the edited version of their manuscript (as suggested by the editorial panel) for the further review process.

Total Paper processing & handling charges received by the author would be returned back if in case Reviewers Reports would suggest rejecting the manuscript due to any major technical fault.

Students may ask for some waiver at the time of the submission only, if they are not having any funding source. It must be clearly mentioned in the covering letter. The final decision regarding the charges waive off will depend on the editorial board members.

Processing and Handling Charges
Authors Country Total Amount
Group Other than India $. 150.00

For Indian authors: One of the authors of the accepted paper must be an annual member of the Organization before the paper gets published online followed by print in Ambient Science (membership is not necessary at the time of paper submission)
➽No charges for cave related (Speleological/ biospeleological) articles.
➽ No charges on the "Notes on Natural History" submitted by the graduation/ post graduation students (having no fund source).
Strict action

If in any case or at any stage of publication we find that any author(s) has submitted any pre-published work for publication, then we will not only have solely the right to reject the paper but also blacklist the complete group of authors of that particular paper. Further, the name of such authors could also be published in our Black-listed authors index. No money will be refunded in that case.

About details please refer Author's Guidelines